4 Copywriting Tips You Need to Know

Whether you are a blogger, business owner, or simply a freelancer, copywriting is a skill that can completely change the face of your business. Writing persuasive copy makes people want to take action and be involved with you.

Here are a few copywriting tips to take your copy to the next level and start seeing an increase in conversions.

Master the Art of Headlines

Headlines are what persuade your audience to click and take action. That’s not to say that you don’t need to have meaty-shareable content on the other end of that URL, but it will at least get them in the door to see what you have to offer!

It’s like when you go to the mall and the Teavana representatives are out there offering free samples. You get pulled in by the Summer Berry Bliss and the next thing you know, you’re buying a luxury tea set. Make your headlines the Summer Berry Bliss that your audience can’t pass up.

Copywriting Tip #1

Creating a headline that is catchy, but informative takes practice. One of my methods for coming up with inspiration is to collect a headline that makes me stop in my tracks (yes, I’m a headline hoarder). Take a screenshot or drop a great headline that you come across in Evernote. Then the next time your creative juices run dry, you have something you can refer back to!

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Find Your Voice

When you are first trying your hand at copywriting, it can come out sort of like a research paper (read: lots of facts, little fun). Dry, informative copy is a recipe for inaction. Think about the copy that pulls you in. Does it have great information? Absolutely! But equally as important, it has a lot of character.

In order to find your voice, it’s important to know your audience. You need to know who you are trying to appeal to. Are you targeting Millennials? Lawyers? Single mothers with 2+ kids? The language that you use should directly correspond to the people that you are trying to reach. An ad targeting college students will sound completely different than one targeting fishermen (unless a college student is a fisherman, of course).

Copywriting Tip #2

My go-to trick for adding voice to my copy is to read it out loud. Not only does this help me spot any grammatical mistakes, but it allows me to see if it’s something that I would actually say to somebody. I want my voice to sound like I’m giving an insider’s scoop to a friend. If it sounds like I’m a page from an encyclopedia, then I know I need to adjust the copy.

Do More with Less

We’ve all heard that long-form copy converts the best, but that doesn’t mean you need to fluff it up with flowery language. People have short attention spans, which is why coming up with an excellent headline is so important. The same can be said for the meat and potatoes of your copy.

Copywriting Tip #3

Be concise and clear with your message. We are skimmers by nature, so make the copy fool-proof. Pack all of your meaning into as few words as possible and make it powerful!

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Edit, Edit, Edit

This is possibly one of the most overlooked step in the copywriting process. After you have written your post/newsletter/ad go through and edit your work. Because we live in the digital age, we have a variety of tools that we can use to help make our writing convert.

My must-have copywriting app is Grammarly. Grammarly is a free Chrome extension that auto-edits everything you write on Google Chrome. It will catch spelling mistakes and simple grammar edits that are easy to overlook. Once you start using it, you’ll wonder how you did any writing without it!

Another great app to add to your arsenal is the Hemingway App. The Hemingway Editor grades your readability (super important) and helps you cut down on overly complex sentences and word usage. Remember that whole “do more with less” advice? The Hemingway App helps you put that into action.

Copywriting Tip #4

While apps are amazing and can catch stuff that would easily slip by, it’s also important for you to do a manual edit. Read through your copy and evaluate whether or not there is a section that just doesn’t add anything to the story. If you find yourself wondering “so what?”, scrap it!

These copywriting basics can help take your copy to the next level. Are there any copywriting tips that you have? Come share them in the Facebook Group - Jana NetWORKS.

delegate, copywriting, content, copy, writing, edit

2 thoughts on “4 Copywriting Tips You Need to Know

  1. Love these tips Jana. I'd like to add one more tip to this already profound list. "Be clear, not clever". You should make sure that people "get" your copy and not wonder what it is.

    It is so important to play down and be simplistic when it comes to your choice of words. If you try to flaunt your voracious vocabulary and come across as someone smart, you'd be confusing the reader. Apparently, it isn't your job to confuse people. You are responsible to do just the opposite of it - help understand.

    So, my tip is going to be - "Be clear, not clever".

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