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PASSION. It’s what gets you started and keeps you pushing forward. It’s the inner fire that lives in your soul, waking you up in the morning and in turn, often keeping you awake at night. The driving force behind your pursuit of endless adventure through doing what you absolutely love and making a difference in the world in which we live. Passion is vital for any purpose-based business. It’s the voice in your head that says, “you’ve got this, keep going”. Passion alone won’t catapult you to do great things, it’s just a piece of the puzzle to fuel your inner fire.

PURPOSE. We’re all on a pursuit to find our purpose. For a brand to thrive, you need to infuse your purpose in all you do. Your purpose becomes the air you breathe, the story you write, and the way you maneuver through life. It is the strategic starting point on the endless journey of entrepreneurship. Purpose allows your business to maintain a strong, sustainable, and scalable organizational culture. It is the element that keeps the fire burning at peak performance. Purpose assembles your business and the people you choose to support you in a way that profits alone, never will.

PROFITS. The final piece of the puzzle. The key component in what makes your business productive and reliable. With steady profits, your business can flourish in ways you always dreamed possible. Your voice becomes louder, your steps become more strategic, and your vision becomes crystal clear. Profits fuel the ideas that once only resided in your mind. With each dollar made, you know that you’ve touched someone with your brand, you’ve made a difference in lives…in the World.


Jana Works provides Online Consulting for Business Owners, like you, at all stages of your business growth.

The online world can be overwhelming. There's so much to do and never enough time.

Whether you’re stuck in the overwhelm of getting your business up and running or you have a successful brand that is ready to scale, we’re here to guide you through the growth process. Jana Works to provide knowledge, community, job opportunities, resources, support, and tools. PLUS, we identify cost-effective solutions to keep the momentum moving in your business, freeing up your time and allowing you to work ON your business, not IN your business.

How is Jana Works different? Simple. Jana is able to provide you with the foundation and knowledge needed to take your business from startup to success. Jana is a hybrid Coach//Consultant, she Co-Creates with Business Owners. She helps you gain clarity, confidence, and accountability for your goals while putting it into direct action by developing and implementing systems into your workflow. With her extensive business development background, she is able to look at each industry with a fresh perspective.

COACH and CONSULTANT - What's the difference?

A Coach is your friendly cheerleader that provides accountability and clarity, usually more focused on your mindset and the big picture vision.

A Consultant digs deep, focusing on systems, internal numbers, and tasks to complete. A Consultant either teaches you exactly how to fix the problem(s) OR fixes them for you.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between Business Owners & Virtual Support Specialists by providing connection and online business solutions at an affordable cost to give business owners the tips, tools and training's needed to scale their businesses. Being a Business Owner can be a lonely path, we’re here to help you through the darkness and guide you into the light.

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded Business Owners, you’ve come to the right place.


Jana is able to deftly identify where fresh talent will be key to generating market momentum and supporting sales. Her networking expertise and ambition create cost-effective ways to extend brand presence. With passion and profit at the forefront, Jana Works to create a one-stop shop for Business Owners. No, Jana doesn't do this alone, she has an arsenal of talent that have been molded to align with the business vision.



CEO & Founder
✓ 6+ years Busines Consulting experience

✓ Business Development, Talent Acquisition, Strategy, Structure, Systems and Online Marketing

✓ A wide range of experience from energy, mass media, healthcare, clinical fitness, + many more

✓ A keen eye for finding business areas that benefit from fresh talent, updated strategies, and new marketing tactics

✓ Bachelors in Integrated Marketing Communications. MBA in Financial Management

✓ Lifetime resident of San Diego, California

Linda Poniktera

Advisor & Senior Strategist
✓ Decades of experience in dynamic senior roles

✓ Solver of complex management challenges in areas of vision, talent, and execution

✓ A keen eye for chemistry and fit

✓ Experienced in companies ranging from ground zero startups to multi-billion dollar industry giants

✓ A wide range of industry experience including oil & gas, advanced technologies, defense, healthcare, and finance.

✓ Earned an MBA in Finance at San Diego State University


Jana is the COO of ACTIV8 ATHLETES

An Athletic Development Youth Sports Club in Carlsbad, CA

Jana is the Co-Founder of LEARN BASIC BLOCK CHAIN

Where Complex Technology Meets Basic Understanding