Valuable Connections In The Online World Are Created When You GIVE Amazing Value

One of the things that makes me so proud about our Facebook Group Jana NetWorks is that it provides value. It has become a place where entrepreneurs can come and ask a question, share a win, or give a helpful tip to fellow entrepreneurs. Part of the reason that our group functions this way is ... Read more

5 Topics You Need to Consider When Determining Your Niche

Niche down Find your tribe. Know your ideal client. However you want to word it, finding that group of people that your business targets is fundamentally important in creating a business that has some staying power. The Fear of Niching Down I know what you’re thinking: “What if I niche down and then I alienate ... Read more

Entrepreneur Tools You Need to Succeed

There’s a simple reason why entrepreneurs are such big fans of systems - they save time. As my entrepreneurial spirit animal April Ludgate so eloquently put it, “Times is money, money is power, power is pizza, pizza is knowledge…” I mean, apart from the pizza part, it’s all true. Time is money in the business ... Read more

Top 4 Tips for Keeping Your Business Finances Under Control!

It’s tax season. I’m guessing that you reacted in one of two ways once you started seeing advertisements for tax preparation services. One: *happy dance* “Woohoo it’s tax season! Can’t wait for my refund!” Two: *eye roll / minor freak out* “I can’t believe it’s tax season already!! I don’t have a clue where all ... Read more

Organization is the Key to Success

Ask any entrepreneur you know what they need more of for their business… the answer may surprise you. Money? No. Clients? Nada. What entrepreneurs need more of is... time. Oh so much more time. My secret for making the most out of my day and staying insanely productive is to get organized. There are many ... Read more