Jana Rowland

Jana Rowland

Jana Rowland, CEO & Founder of Jana Works

Meet Jana. Jana's passion to support Entrepreneurs started in 2012 when she landed her first marketing position. With no experience and no formal education, Jana pitched herself to every company on the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce website. She received one call back. A lean startup in the health and wellness industry. She was hooked.

Learning the ins and outs of running successful and not so successful businesses. Her brain was a sponge. Trying new industries. Testing different strategies. Solving complex problems. Networking as much as she could. Loving every minute of it.

All of this while struggling through intricate subject matter to obtain her degrees.

She took on consulting roles working with Entrepreneurs at different phases of their businesses. Throughout this journey, she found a love for connecting people and making complex things, not so complicated.

Together, we can set new standards by bringing our visions to life and hiring the people we need to support that growth. It can be just this simple.

In all of the experiences, throughout all the struggles and triumphs, there was always a need for something more. Jana's brain could never live in the present day, it lived in the future unknowns.

"Teaching is where my mind wanders. How can I learn something and quickly digest the info to make the process more efficient for someone else? How can I add more time to a persons day by breaking information up and pulling out the gold nuggets?"

Think about the amount of time you spend on Google, only to get stuck in a rabbit hole of additional information you never intended to explore. It's time to break through the noise. Are you ready?

Bachelor's degree in Integrated Marketing Communications
Master’s degree with a specialization in Financial Management