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  • How Jana Works

    You’re here for one of two reasons: You’ve either tried hiring from “one of those other platforms” or you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

    Jana Works focuses on Chemistry and Culture. You’re building this business for the long term, it’s time you invest in the people who support that GROWTH.

    Plug into our network of Support Specialists (Freelancers/Service Providers/Consultants/Virtual Assistants). Break through the noise of the traditional hiring platforms. It’s time you work with Quality Support at an Affordable Rate.

    It’s simple. You’re here because you need a solution but you might not know exactly what that solution is. That’s okay! Not everyone is at the same stage in their business as you are in this moment.

    Take a deep breath. We have your solution!

    The Process:
    • - Chemistry: You will see while going through this form, they're not your average questions, we focus on the long-term vision of your business, it starts with chemistry.
    • - Clarity: Complete this form with as much detail as you can provide, upon completion, the job will be posted in my community
    • - Candidates: Qualified candidates will submit their applications to the email you provide
    • - Connect: Interview and hire the candidate that aligns best. Listen to your gut!
    Yes, it’s true, we’re known for getting qualified candidates placed in less than 48 hours. No, that’s not always the case. This process is unique from the way Jana has done this in the past. This service is now, FREE. We do our best to only allow quality candidates into our community but we're human, sometimes people get through.

    No, we are not a fit for everyone. We focus on quality and long-term vision. If you’re looking for a quick task to be completed at pennies on the dollar, there are plenty of “other” places to do that. Be aware, you get what you pay for.

    ONE JOB per post. Please read through the specialties to determine which area your job falls within. You might need to break this up into multiple positions.
    At this time, we only provide assistance for REMOTE/VIRTUAL roles. If you have a location specific job, please email Subject line: LOCATION SPECIFIC JOB

    Before getting started. Take a step back. Write down all the time-consuming tasks you do on a day-to-day basis. Which of those tasks can be lumped together?

    Set aside a solid 30 minutes to go through the form.