GDPR What?

Take note! The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25, 2018 and it affects YOU! That’s right, this new regulation is not only for those residing and conducting business in the European Union (EU).

It is for anyone who does business with an entity in the EU. Remember that you should speak to a certified legal advisor before making any legal decisions. I am not a lawyer and the following should not be taken as legal advice.

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What’s the big deal?

There has been a lot of hype around this lately and it is with good cause. The GDPR changes the rules around collecting and using personal data. Gone are the days of adding everyone who downloads your freebie to your general email list. If you don’t follow the data privacy regulations you are putting yourself at risk for huge penalties and fines. Some experts believe that GDPR could become the norm.

It’s all about consent

There is a major shift to what is considered consent when adding someone to your general email list after they download your freebie, attend a webinar, etc. They need to have a choice. Joining your general mailing list cannot be a condition to receiving your content. You must receive consent separately.

You need to take action before May 25th

Here are some steps to take before GDPR takes effect:

    1. Update your Privacy Policy:
      -It needs to be updated to include the disclosures that are required by GRPR
      -A link to your privacy policy needs to be included on all opt-in pages and at the footer of your website
    2. Send a re-engagement email:
      -You need to send an email asking your contacts if they want to continue to be on your list
      -Give them enticing reasons why they should stay on your list
  1. Create a double opt-in process:
    -Create a welcome email that goes out to your contact, after they fill out your opt-in form, and includes a link to your freebie
    -In the email let them know the awesome benefits they will experience as part of your list
    -Include a button/link they can click that authorizes you to add them to your general mailing list
    -Check out your email service provider’s website:
  2. Many, like my fave, Active Campaign, have tips to prepare you for the changes. You can check out some of the steps I took to comply here:

Afraid your list will shrink?

Don’t be shocked, your list WILL shrink, but it’s a good thing! You don’t want to have just anyone on your list anyway. Take a look on the bright side, only those who really want to be on your list will be. A small engaged list will get you so much further in your business than a large unengaged one.

The online business world is ever evolving and it is important to keep tabs on new laws and regulations, even if you think they don’t pertain to you. Check out this podcast by Amy Porterfield with guest lawyer Robert Klinck to learn more about GDPR.

Head on over to the Jana netWORKS facebook group to see how other Entrepreneurs are handling GDPR.

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