Organization is the Key to Success

Ask any entrepreneur you know what they need more of for their business… the answer may surprise you. Money? No. Clients? Nada. What entrepreneurs need more of is... time.

Oh so much more time.

My secret for making the most out of my day and staying insanely productive is to get organized. There are many ways that you can stay organized, but these are my time tested strategies that have proven to work!

Write it on Paper

Sometimes the thought of how you’re going to begin your day can be overwhelming when you’re trying to sort it out in your mind. Getting your thoughts down on paper lets you take a more objective view of what you need to do. Once you get it out, organize your thoughts into manageable steps and tasks for you to accomplish throughout the day.

Prioritize Your List

Avoid choosing too many tasks as need-to-dos. By choosing a select few things (maybe even just one) as priorities you are setting yourself up for success. Go through your list and figure out which tasks can get pushed to a later date if need be and place those puppies at the bottom.

Keep Track of Your Time

You can do this a variety of ways. I, myself, like to use Google Calendar to time-block. I block out periods of time to do certain tasks and then when my time is up, I get a notification that it’s time to move on. This method allows me to stay productive all day instead of getting sucked into a project that can wait. You can also use time-tracker apps like Toggl to see where you’re spending the most time in your to-do list.

Schedule Time for Interruptions (and breaks)

Equally as important as scheduling time for tasks is scheduling in buffers. You never know when something won’t go as planned and you need that extra 15 minutes to set it right. Schedule in extra time throughout your day so that you can remain flexible with yourself. Also, make sure you schedule in a few breaks here and there so you can step away from your work and come back to it with fresh eyes. These don’t have to be long, maybe 5 minutes here and there, but they can make all the difference in your productivity and mindset.

Eat Your Frog...When You’re Ready

I’ve seen a lot of talk about how you should eat your frog (the thing that you don’t want to do but you know needs to get done) first thing when you sit down to work. While I think there is some merit to that, I also believe wholeheartedly in staying in tune with your body. My philosophy is that you should tackle those tasks when you are at your peak productivity. Some people are night owls and don’t produce their best work until after 10 pm. Others are early birds who are at their peak by 8 am. Whatever time you feel your body is most awake and excited to work, that’s when you should eat your frog.

Use the Tools that are Available

There is no shame in using tools to keep you on track with achieving your goals. In fact, it’s foolish not to take advantage of what’s out there. Below are a list of my favorite tools for planning, achieving, and tracking:

LastPass ← share your passwords with confidence
G Suite ← can’t live without
Google Drive ← organization powerhouse
10 to 8 ← appointment scheduler extraordinaire
ActiveCampaign ← my go-to e-mail marketing tool - CLICK HERE
Slack ← communication heavy lifter
Asana ← project management superstar
Realtime Board ← virtual whiteboard of your dreams
Loomly ← my social media must have - CLICK HERE

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Organization is the key to maximizing the hours that you have in a day and maintaining productivity throughout. While you might be floundering in chaos now, by implementing these strategies you are one step closer to that streamlined business you’ve been dreaming of.


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