Your Personality and Your Business

Have you taken your Myers Briggs Personality Test yet? If you haven’t I highly suggest you do so. Whether you are gunning to be an entrepreneur or not, this test will give you a lot of insight into your behavior and how you think about the world.

As an Entrepreneur
There are certain characteristics that are more likely to lead to success for an entrepreneur than others. For example, someone who is more extroverted will have a much easier time navigating networking events and creating connections with business prospects than someone who is more introverted. A logical thinker can dive to the root of problems and solve it systematically.

A recent study indicated that personality traits were more of an indicator whether or not a person would be successful than family ties, education, skills, and experience.

Does that mean if you are not an extrovert that your business will fail? Absolutely not! It just means that you need to be aware of that trait and compensate for it. Play to your strengths. Look for opportunities in which your personality will shine instead of hinder you from moving towards success. Self-awareness is the key to playing to our strengths.

As a Leader
When I am adding to my team, knowing the candidate’s Myers Briggs personality is a must. Not only do I want to hire people who compliment my own strengths, I want to hire those who will push me to be better, together pushing us to go further. I need people on my team who are smarter than me in their specific zone of genius. You want to have some diversity on your team! Hiring a person who doesn’t think like you can give you some valuable insight into the way that a certain portion of your customer base approaches things.

Knowing your teammate’s personality traits can also be a good indicator of whether or not you two will mesh on ideology. If you are adding someone to your mellow team who is blunt by nature then it might throw off your vibe and lead to hurt feelings.

If you get a gut feeling about someone, don’t let their personality test be a deal breaker, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind if friction pops up.

Personality and the way that we think is a huge indicator of whether or not success in entrepreneurship is in your future. But even more than that, having some self-awareness will guide you to opportunities that match your behavior and natural inclinations.

Take your Myers Briggs personality test here!


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