Monthly Marketing Solved

Your Monthly Marketing Done For You
Get Access to a Monthly Service That Will Plan ALL of Your Monthly Marketing FOR YOU – CONTENT CREATED at a Fraction of the Cost of Hiring Someone Else.

You don’t need to be overwhelmed with social media, email marketing, blogging, graphic design and all the things you should do to market your business online.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money hiring someone to do your monthly marketing

You NEED a proven solution that tells you exactly what to focus on each month.

You NEED a system for marketing your business every day without spending hours creating content.

You see, online marketing is a way for us to communicate with our fans and you have to be online!  It’s a way for you to grow your business, provide value, build relationships, and yes – sell more products and services!

It’s time to streamline your monthly marketing to make a BIG impact in the shortest amount of time.


What's Included...

  • Done For You Social Media Graphics - These graphics are ready for you to add your logo and post to your social media accounts. Choose from a huge library of quotes, motivation, famous quotes, funny, promotional, engaging, and more.
  • Monthly Marketing Schedule and Calendar - This takes the guesswork out of your marketing. This calendar tells you what to post, when to post, when to email, when to promote, and how to get the most out of your month. Plus an editable calendar for you to create your own.
  • Blank Graphic Templates - Have a special promotion or a blog post you want to share? Grab one of these blank graphic templates and add your text and logo to customize them completely.
  • Pre-written Social Media Statuses. Choose from engaging, funny, quotes, or promotional statuses to easily share with your audience.
  • Blogging Topics & Email Subjects: Use this pre-made list of topics to write to your audience and promote your business.
  • Worksheets & Trackers: These will keep you on top of your goals and your results. Monthly and Weekly Planners, Stats Trackers, Goal Sheets, Blog Post Brainstorm, Promotional Ideas, and more.
  • BONUSES - Extra Monthly Content, Curated Collection of Graphics, SOcial Media Strategy, Templates, Cheat Sheets and More!


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