Shifting Your Mindset

When you first start your business (or start thinking about starting your business), you might notice that you are feeling a multitude of things:

  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Fear
  • Determination
  • FEAR!

Yep, that fear one is a doozy. Popping up at the most inconvenient moments, forcing you to take a good long look at your process and evaluate if it will work, succeed, flourish. But you are an entrepreneur, so what do you do? Do it anyway.

Shifting Your Mindset
This is that first moment. That moment when your mindset starts to shift from being an employee to an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur isn’t just about owning your own business, it’s about the way that you think about the world and approach problems.

This shift doesn’t happen overnight. The majority of entrepreneurs don’t start out their working life as business owners. At one time or another they were an employee. When you are an employee there are certain characteristics that are ingrained in you.

For example, employees focus on improving their weaknesses whereas entrepreneurs focus on improving their strengths. Entrepreneurs know that by bolstering their strengths they can do more of what they’re good at and find someone whose strengths compensate for their weaknesses. Employees dwell on mistakes whereas entrepreneurs know that mistakes pave the way towards success. Employees keep their risks low whereas entrepreneurs know that in order to succeed taking calculated risks are necessary.

In a bigger sense, as an entrepreneur, you have to form a deep reliance on you. There isn’t a supervisor who can give you all the answers or a procedure you can follow. You have to make tough decisions that can make or break your business and have the faith in yourself that you will make the right choice.

Monisha, Mindset

Making the Shift
Making this shift is a process. One that you started by stepping out of your comfort zone and making the decision to start your business despite all of the apprehension swirling around in your brain. By making it a conscious choice to shift your mindset, you might find yourself feeling more at home in your entrepreneurial role.

One of the ways I streamlined my mindset shift was by consulting mindset guru Monisha Chandanani from See.Love.Choose. She developed a Mindset of Success meditation that takes you deep into your subconscious to retrain your brain (you can get it for free here).

Getting your mindset where it needs to be is something that you should continually work at. But by making a conscious effort to shift from employee to entrepreneur, you are miles ahead of newbie business owners!

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