Social Media in the Entrepreneurial World

You could say that AOL was one of the pioneers of social media, but what social media looked like then versus now has changed drastically. Today, so many of us rely on social media in our personal and business lives and would probably feel lost without it.

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Evolution Since You’ve Got Mail…

Remember logging into AOL and hearing the infamous dial-up noise and that you’ve got mail notice? If not, listen to this to take a walk down memory lane. You’ll see just how far we’ve come.

So much has evolved since then. Over the last 8 to 16 years some of the most popular platforms entrepreneurs use in their businesses have been created, take a look:

  • 2002: LinkedIn
  • 2004: Facebook
  • 2005: YouTube
  • 2006: Twitter
  • 2010: Instagram
  • 2010: Pinterest

The Benefits

Enough reminiscing, let's take a look at some of the benefits of social media.

  • Connections- it is so much easier for us to connect with people around the world and find our tribe. We are not limited to our city, state, or country anymore.
  • Increased Visibility- back in the day visibility was limited to newspaper, TV, and radio and it cost money. Today you can be visible without spending a dime (if you didn’t want to) and you can reach so many more people.
  • Community- it is easier than ever to build a community and provide value to people. You don’t have to worry about time zone differences or losing someone’s phone number. It’s as easy as clicking the follow button on social media.

social media, benefits, connection, tips

Choose Your Platforms Wisely

When it comes down to choosing which platform is best you need to consider your business’s strategy. You don’t want to hop on the bandwagon and choose a platform just because someone else uses it. What works for their business, may not work for yours.

You don’t want to be on EVERY platform in the beginning. Choose ones that align, perfect that platform and then add in the next one. Being on all without a strategy for each will be stressful, especially if your target audience doesn’t hang out there. You will probably get frustrated when you hear crickets after you post your content.

Do some research, ask questions to find out what is really involved to be successful on each of the platforms you are interested in. Start off by choosing 1 or 2, master them, then add another platform if you’d like.

Overwhelmed and not sure what to do? Or are you looking for someone to take care of your social media strategy?

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