Valuable Connections In The Online World Are Created When You GIVE Amazing Value

One of the things that makes me so proud about our Facebook Group Jana NetWorks is that it provides value. It has become a place where entrepreneurs can come and ask a question, share a win, or give a helpful tip to fellow entrepreneurs.

connection, value, giving

Part of the reason that our group functions this way is because that’s how we set it up. We didn’t want another Facebook group where people come to drop a link and leave - we wanted interaction, connection, interest!

Giving value isn’t something that I only do with our Facebook Group, I also strive to give value in other areas of my business. I frequently do calls with struggling entrepreneurs to give them business advice, I write these blogs, I help new businesses with strategy. And the reason that I give away so much value is simple, value creates connections.

Creating Connections

Giving away value connects your passion with your business. It helps people to realize that you are more than just a profit machine, you have a heart and care about your customers and clients. Creating that connection can make all the difference in closing a client and having them move on to another business.

There are virtually unlimited options for your clients to choose from. The internet is vast and while your business might be perfect, there are 1000 other business out there with the exact same qualifications. So what sets you apart? For me, it’s my willingness to help someone out without any expectations of reciprocation.

I help people because I genuinely want to see them succeed. People can resonate with that and want to create more of that authenticity in their business transactions.

connection, value, giving

How to Give Value

There is an art to giving value without totally tapping your resources and mental faculties. Here are some guidelines to help you give value and help grow your business and not become a doormat that people walk all over.

Set Aside the Time

Set aside a certain amount of time each week that you dedicate to providing value to others. You can use this time to write a blog post, go around to different Facebook Groups and answer questions, or just share a tip that you have found to be useful with your followers.

Have a Limit

There are going to be those people who see that you are giving value and try to take advantage of it. Know before you start this process where your limits are. Say that you are committed to reviewing people’s logos and giving them feedback. Have a set number of times that you are willing to review a logo before you require the potential client to purchase a review service.

In today’s climate, people want to know who they are doing business with and that they actually know what they are talking about. Giving value helps cement that you are a topic authority and have their best interest at heart.

If you’re looking for a place to add value or collaborate with other like minded entrepreneurs, come check out our Facebook Group Jana NetWorks.

connection, value, giving

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